July 2010

Everybody is awesome and amazing and agrees that everybody and everything else is awesome and amazing, too. Everybody has a friend named Sarah, who’s amazing. Everybody lives in an amazing two-bedroom share on Lefferts Boulevard with an amazing patio and invites everybody to come over on Friday night for Corona and Bocaburgers and these amazing vegan cupcakes that Sarah made. Everybody invites everybody and urges everybody to invite everybody else. When everybody arrives, everybody agrees with everybody that the patio is amazing and offers everybody else a Corona but no opener. When everybody finally arrives outside, everybody senses an uncomfortable silence and because everybody is staring at the floor, everybody starts talking about everybody’s feet, then everybody’s shoes, especially Sarah’s amazing red cork wedges, which match her awesome tiny vintage gingham apron. By four a.m. everybody has had six beers, a cigarette, and a shot of mescal in a red plastic cup and decides to leave, because it has suddenly occurred to everybody that everybody has been kind of being a dick to everybody else all night. But first, everybody stands in the doorway and hugs and tells everybody that everybody had an amazing time and that it was awesome to see everybody and that Sarah did an amazing job on the vegan cupcakes and that everybody works two blocks away from everybody else in Midtown, so next Wednesday everybody agrees (in hopes of seeing Sarah, who won’t be there because she is lonely and broke and moving back to rural Pennsylvania next week to live with her parents, though it doesn’t really matter because when the time comes everybody will have other plans) that everybody should meet for this amazing happy hour at this awesome bar that everybody loves. Right?



Claire Shefchik received her MFA in fiction from Sarah Lawrence College. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Compass Rose, Revolution House, MAKE, and Underwater New York and been nominated for a Million Writers Award. Her freelance work has also appeared in PopMatters, Spinner, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, The Faster Times, USAToday.com, and Beyond Race Magazine. She currently lives in Minnesota.