Rob Ganson

“A Morning Swim” – “Dawn rose like a thistle…”

Allison Geller

“Wonder” – “In Luray Caverns / a boy regards me without guilt / and starts to laugh…”

Caroline Kessler

“A Bicycle Without Brakes” – “These really exist! I built one from a forgotten frame, a pillow cushion…”

“In South India” – “They call me Jezebel / so often / I’ve forgotten my own name…”

“The trouble with desire and its siblings” – “lust and greed / you want all of it / the whole world…”

Kyle Lefler

“Grains” – “We traveled too far on rum soaked soles, tumbling…”

Erin McClamroch

“Sly” – “She grabbed another mint / from her pocket…”

Joey Nicoletti

“The Neptune Factor” – “Dear Ben Gazzara, / your Southern accent fooled no one…”

Eric Silver

“In a Department in Upstate New York, There’s a Sale on Butter Knives” – “She says she feels like cutlery, / handled…”