Myles Barker

“Fight or (Redacted)” – “Throw your gun to the rancid ground beside your fellow dying soldier…”

Hans Dalton

“Dinner with Mom” – “I smelled smoke…”

Laurel Kaish

“Just Another Night” – “You scream at them, sea-stormy eyes flaming…”

John Praw Kruse

“Lapsus” – “His father’s greatest achievement was convincing the mother of a 16-year-old girl to sign her life away to him…”

Gabrielle Loisel

“The Mermaid” – “My wife was a mermaid first, before she was a woman…”

Michael Lynch

“Science!” – “Barry finds a neon green lab coat outside L’Enfant Plaza…”

Claire Shefchik

“July 2010” – “Everybody is awesome and amazing and agrees that everybody and everything else…”

Y.G. Yen

“Ronin” – “He had finally come to blows with his father over breakfast…”