A Lesson In Bantam (2)

Sometimes a popular artist comes along with a rash of synthesized, trumped up dance hits that stick in the public’s consciousness.  These artists not only sound the same and will be forgotten in a year, but they often represent all things wrong with popular music.  And then sometimes that artist shows off the talent behind the autotune, strips away the thumping beats, and proves she has talent regardless of the Top 40 tunes she is known by. 

Some months ago, Ke$ha was asked to do her own rendition of a Bob Dylan song for Amnesty International’s tribute album.  As Rolling Stone reports, she sat in her room and recorded the vocals on her laptop.  This is the track used on the album with a minimalistic accompaniment.  This is the effect of art hewed down to the bare essentials.  This is the spirit of bantam.


featured image courtesy tsatic-cden